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EcoLiveGreens creative team is actively finding environmentally friendly and energy saving solutions in the lighting, wastewater, studio, and other industries. In fact, EcoLiveGreen has been granted and has pending patents for a revolutionary commercial lighting technology, wastewater separation system, and dynamic speaker system.

EcoLiveGreen lamps are designed to be used in commercial and residential buildings to replace conventional drop ceiling troffers and to replace the fluorescent bulbs used in existing troffers.

The advantages of the drop ceiling troffer replacement are: easy installation and no licensed electrician required as they are very light weight and are simply placed into a drop ceiling where a ceiling tile is normally installed and are connected via a low voltage connector. They last up to 5 times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps. They are dimmable in two ways: they automatically dim when ambient light is bright and they may be manually set. They can also interface with smart technology, so they may be controlled by an energy management system if desired, or dimmed remotely. They are color adjustable, with factory models being adjustable between standard fluorescent white and soft white (similar to incandescent). The lumen output potential of either the 2'x2' or 2'x4' models is equivalent to standard drop ceiling troffers containing three 4 ft T8 bulbs. Models are available using EcoLiveGreen’s CCFL technology and LED technology to achieve the same features. A second product is a fluorescent bulb replacement that will work with a standard existing troffer, no ballast change is required. It contains the same technology and features as the drop ceiling tile.


Key Problems Solved for Customers: (1) Non-dimmable fluorescents, requires ballast change to comply with new dimming light laws in California, soon to be mandated elsewhere, solved by EcoLiveGreen dimmable fluorescent bulb replacement model requiring no ballast change. The drop ceiling model solves dimmability problem where complete troffer replacements or new offices are being fitted with ceiling lighting. The energy savings is good for the environment and reduces high energy costs. (2) Unhealthy and psychologically damaging fluorescent light color problem in offices is solved with color adjustment. (3) Troffer installation by licensed electrician is no longer required, this product is Class B low voltage, and is plug and play. It drops into ceiling tile space, and one wire is plugged into it; job done. Only the power distribution unit must be installed by a licensed electrician, and will then be mounted in the ceiling. (4) The bulbs last up to 5 time longer than conventional fluorescents, thus maintenance costs due to bulb replacement is lower, which also reduces the mercury risk to the environment as these bulbs are smaller containing less mercury than regular fluorescents, and the longer life reduces the number of used bulbs that could potentially leak mercury into the environment when disposed of improperly.

Comparison between our LED Panel and a conventional T8 Fluorescent Tube (4 ft tube).  
  LED Panel Conventional T8 Fluorescent Tube
Wattage  17 W 40W
Life Span > 50,000 hours 8,000 to 10,000 hours
Ballast Needed No Yes
Starter Needed No Yes
Actual Power Consumption 18W - 20W 44W
Heat Generation Low High
Radiation No Contains Mercury Vapor
Maintenance Fees No High
Environmental Pollution No High



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