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Energy Savings in the Blink of An Eye™

No one wants to waste energy or money, especially in today’s energy conscious world and competitive business environment. Yet, most commercial indoor lighting systems waste both energy and money. While many are working to solve this problem, EcoLiveGreen tackles it in a way that sets us apart from the competition.

While most solutions focus on energy efficient lighting technology such as LEDs, we take this one step further. Our patented lighting system (Click here to view pdf of our patent - U.S. 7,745,769), automatically adjusts the lighting system brightness based on how much light is naturally in the room at any given moment. It does this by momentarily turning off the lights in order to sense the background lighting level of the room, and then intelligently adjusts the light’s brightness based on what it senses. All of this happens in less than the Blink of An Eye™, and is imperceptible to anyone in the office environment.

Imagine the benefits. In a window covered commercial building, for example, there is a mix of natural sunlight and indoor lighting. With our system, when the sun is shining brightly, the indoor lighting level is automatically reduced. As soon as the sun goes behind a cloud the lighting level is increased. The result is near constant lighting levels and a pleasant work environment with significant energy savings. There is nothing to set or adjust, the savings and benefits are automatic.

One great challenge presented by energy efficient LED lighting is the harsh nature of their direct light. Several companies offer indirect lighting fixtures for home use, but these are not practical in a commercial office environment. One of our first offerings will be a patent pending ceiling mounted architectural LED lighting fixture designed to address these issues. This aesthetically pleasing fixture offers high quality indirect light without sacrificing energy efficiency. The fixture is created with installers in mind, and will come in sizes designed to drop into standard drop ceiling fixtures.

EcoLiveGreen is focused on technology that will help to create a better environment today and for future generations. We believe we can make a difference through innovation. Join us, and let your investment help create innovation for a greener and brighter tomorrow.



EcoLiveGreen is pleased to announce the issuance of two patents for improving the handling and treatment of wastewater in its:


  • Your wastewater utility’s chance to save millions of $’s
  • Be a good steward in the opportunity to save taxpayer $’s
  • Income from selling the utility’s’ recycled wastewater for irrigation use
  • Totally GREEN - no created pollutants to dispose
  • No torn up neighborhood streets etc.
  • No pain when it is time to expand the wastewater treatment facility



    This product has several patented and patent pending technologies included within.  It is a simple plug-and-play luminaire that simply replaces a ceiling tile.  Power is supplied via a plug that comes from a transformer mounted above the ceiling. Only the transformer needs to be installed by a licensed electrician.  The tiles may be moved around the drop ceiling at will by any non-licensed maintenance man.  Additionally, these tiles light the room with healthful color rather than the cold white color that is typical of standard fluorescent lamps.  The color may be adjusted from warm to cooler white depending upon the location.  Also, patented technology allows the light to automatically adjust to the ambient lighting conditions to reduce light output when not needed.  This saves money, energy, and the environment.  The LED tiles contain no mercury, as do fluorescent lamps. Several patents protect the way the light is distributed from the LED tile so that eyes are not damaged by intense light typical of modern high-powered LEDs.

    Some benefits:

    The primary advantages of our drop ceiling troffer replacements are the following:

  • Easy Installation
  • No required Licensed Technician for installation as they are lightweight and are simply placed into the drop ceiling where a ceiling tile is normally installed.
  • Actual connection via a low-voltage connector
  • Anticipated to have a life in access of three times (3x) longer than conventional fluorescent lamps.
  • Lamps are dimmable in two (2) ways, 1) automatically dim when ambient light is bright 2) Can be manually dimmed also.


    1. (Docket 02.002) System for Adjusting a Light Source By Ambient Illumination, U.S. Patent No. 7,745,769

    2. (Docket 02.004) System for Adjusting a Light Source By Ambient Illumination, U.S. Patent No. 7,919,937

  • Digital Music



    Modern Reverberation in sound studios is accomplished using Digital Signal Processing.  Legacy Reverberation systems used large chamber rooms with cement walls, large plates the size of a queen sized mattress, and springs for less realistic lower cost reverb. In our modern world, there is always a great demand for legacy systems since the sound can never be 100% duplicated by modern Digital Signal Processing.  However, these legacy systems are huge taking as much real-estate as the sound room itself.  To justify this problem, we have invented a hybrid system.  Using patent pending technology, we miniaturize the large chamber room and large plates into a rack sized system.

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