EcoLiveGreen - Executive Team

LEN BRYAN - President, Secretary and Director

Mr. Bryan is an Electrical and Software Engineer with a BSEE degree from Florida Atlantic University in 1977 and an AAE degree from Palm Beach State College in 1975. During the past thirty (30) years, Mr. Bryan has been a consultant to the Avionics and Sound Studio industries. He has performed engineering services for Honeywell, Eaton, Rockwell, Sony, Stanton, and others. More recently, over the past five (5) years, Mr. Bryan has been president of Mag-E Tech, Inc., a closely-held private corporation developing lighting and bulb replacement systems. The Lighting Technology previously owned by Mag-E Tech, Inc. has been transferred to EcoLiveGreen.

PAUL L. CULLER - Vice President and Director

Mr. Culler has spent the last 40 years of in the field of water purification by semi-permeable membrane processes, from the year of their commercial conception in 1969. During that time period he founded two US Companies and several International ones. His knowledge bank ranges from system manufacturing to turnkey design/build contracts for major desalting facilities located in many parts of the world. Since 2003 he has consulted to the membrane industry.

His credits include the conception and commercialization of Membrane Softening in the late 1970's. Also, Culler originated the use of structural fiberglass in the construction of desalting facilities, and pioneered the commercialization of low-pressure membranes.

His many years of experience are exemplified by a long list of desalination installations with which he has been associated. The list is long in potable applications for membrane softening, brackish and seawater desalination with a number of industrial users for both process and boiler feed water demineralization. Over the years Culler has authored numerous papers associated with water desalination.

Culler is founder and past Director of the Southeast Desalting Association (SEDA), having received its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. In addition, over the years he has been active in the American Desalting (ADA, now AMTA); International Desalting Association (IDA) and AWWA.

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Director

Mr. Tracy is a Computer Science Consultant who graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 1985 from University of North Florida and an MS in Computer Science from Florida State University in 1987. During the past five (5) years, Mr. Tracy has been Vice President / Director of MAG-E Tech, Inc., a closely-held private corporation developing lighting and bulb replacement systems. He has also been the Director of US Operations for DC Bars, a Russian & US based company since 2004. Mr. Tracy was also a director of Information Architects until September, 2008.


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